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Bitches on my dick


Today it’s 3 years without you, I miss you every day Icarus #cat

Ive got head full of bad ideas, I’ve got a pocket full of lead I’ve got a gun down in my hand and I put it to my head, all I do is lose. I’m held together by a thread.I wish to god I was never born.I WISH I WAS FUCKING DEAD
Just because of #BrentHinds  #thedillingerescapeplan #IreWorks #Mastodon
Playlist for the road #RedFang #whalesandleeches #SchoolboyQ #oxymoron #thedillingerescapeplan #oneofusisthekiller #dropdead


Death Grips - I Want It I Need It (Death Heated) - Exmilitary (2011)

Responsibility’s cool but there’s more things in life, like gettin’ your dick rode all fuckin’ night.

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Zbigniew Łagocki
Aerotica Series, 1960s
Rainy Mexico. Trafic on point. Migos loud as fuck #Mexico #Nogales #Migos #Carnage #Rain

PROTUBERANZPalomar Observatorium, Kalifornien, 1946 © The Carnegie Observatories