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Funeralopolis // Electric Wizard

This song always makes the back of my head itch, it’s pretty weird.

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"I remember one time there were kittens all over the place. The mother cat had stopped cleaning up after them. They had messed in the kitchen. And Charlie got down on his hands and knees and cleaned the kitchen floor. He cleaned up after the kittens. He picked them up and put them inside his shirt and went and sat by the fire and warmed the kittens and played mother cat. 
I remember him looking up and saying, ‘I now understand the pain of too much tenderness, because it hurts not to hug them. But if I were to hug them I would hurt them.’ It was those kinds of things. He showed himself or acted like a very, very gentle man that would never hurt anything.  
I did see him cry; things got really out of hand. I mean really royally. People were hitting each other. The place was literally destroyed. I remember Little Paul Watkins hit me that night. There was pandemonium. 
And Charlie came in to get a pair of shoes and he said to me, ‘I can’t stay here, because there’s no love here anymore.’ He said, ‘Tomorrow you have to tell them that they drove me away.’ 
And the tears were just flowing down on his face. I asked him to stay, and he said no, he couldn’t stay. He said that the animal had come out in them and that love had fled.”
— Juanita Wildbush, unknown date
(Source: Win McCormack)

Engravings of the bones, muscles, and joints, illustrating the first volume of the Anatomy of the Human Body. John Bell, 1804

Vija Celmins - Jupiter Moon – Constellation (1983)

the royalty must die like common beggars and petty thieves

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I forgot to post this one yesterday :-P
  • me: [gently touches the sleeping cat]
  • cat: [makes a tiny cat noise]
  • me: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooooooooooooooo ohh noo ohhhhh nooooooo oh no oh nooooo oh my god oh noooo

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